Yoga is a continuous learning journey. It teaches us to bring the skills we learn on the mat, off the mat and into our everyday lives. Helping us to settle into the present moment, make conscious choices and achieve a happy, healthy and balanced life.


With over 20 years experience practising I was first drawn to yoga for the physical aspect of the practice, and soon realised it gave me the space to breathe that I was searching for. I believe that the fast pace of life has made disciplines like yoga an important component of a balanced life.

Combining my training as a graphic designer with my passions for yoga I created the 108 Asana, Yoga Sequencing Cards to share the many benefits of yoga, and to bridge the gap between studio classes and home practice.

The aim is to simplify sequencing, help you understand what gives the ‘feel good factor’ from yoga, and how to create this in your home practice. The cards are a perfect elixir to a busy life, and are available to buy in the Shop.

Along with many other online publications I regularly contribute to the WellFest award winning online publication and am part of the yearly festivals yoga crew.

I hope you find a little something here that resonates with you and you pop back to visit again soon.

Keeping practicing.
Ruth Delahunty Yogaru


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