Favourite find for July 19


I first encountered Rachel and Brian’s ice cream Nobó, which is a clever play on the Irish language (nobó = no cow!), at Marley Park market. I was very taken by their passion and innovation for what they were lovingly creating. As a plantie with plantie ice cream loving kiddies I always kept an eye on where they were popping up and what new products they were launching on Instagram.

I love that their products are so pure with very few ingredients and yet they work! Simplicity is much harder to master, but master it they do. Their award winning ice cream comes in six different flavours. Our family favourites being Vanilla & Coconut and Chocolate & toasted almond. Ice cream can be quite scientific, not enough fat content and it will crystalize, too much fat content and it loses it smooth softness. It took them two years of experimenting before they came up with their basic magic formula. The base of all their flavours is avocado and coconut which gives them a creamy result without dominating the flavour combinations. And as if that wasn’t enough they are also refined sugar free – using honey for a more natural source of sweetness. They also have more recently added a range of five plant based chocolates to their range. Theses disk shaped chocolate bars are reminiscent of what a giant chocolate button would have felt like in your hand as a kiddie – heaven!

Next time you’re treating yourself to some ice cream pick up a nobó and treat yourself to no added nasties too! Nobó is luckily becoming widely available in The Hopsack, The Health Store, Avoca, Centre, Fresh, Nourish and many more! Check out their full stockist list on their website. You can also learn more about their products and order the chocolate direct from their website and follow them on Instagram for updates and new product launches.

Teaching Yoga is one of my favourite yoga books that I keep coming back to. It was the first book I bought after I finished my 200hr teacher training and I not only read it cover to cover but I studied it in depth. It made the transition to teaching those first few nervous classes much easier to navigate as a new teacher.

It gives you a well rounded and very accessible understanding of a wide range of teaching topics such as asana breakdowns, anatomy, yoga history, yoga philosophy, styles of yoga and breathing techniques. It breaks the asana down into families and introduces each section with information about what to look out for and the anatomy of each family. It also gives alignment cues, tips for creating the right environment for your class, and good etiquette to embed into your teaching methods.

It’s a book I would love to see on more teacher training curriculums. If you are about to embark on a teacher training and it is not part of your book list I would recommend you pick it up and get reading. Teaching Yoga is available from Yogamatters, Amazon and all good online bookshops. Mark Stephens has also written other yoga books that I would highly recommend. Two of which are part of my book collection – Yoga Sequencing and Yoga Therapy.

Life in Commune is the podcast baby of soon to be parents Patrick Beach and Carling Harps. Co-owners of Seattle yoga studio Commune they originally had a podcast called The Breathing Club which concentrated on reviewing yoga books. This new podcast shares their insights into the world of yoga and explores inside takes on the Yoga & Wellness industry, resources for yoga teachers and practitioners, mindfulness and beyond (fantastic Game of Throne episode!).

Patrick Beach is no stranger to Dublin. He headlines the WellYoga tent at Wellfest last year with his fluid vinyasa style called Awakening Yoga. What I love about his creative styleof yoga is how it focusing on building strength as well a fluidity and functional movement. The organic fluidity of the movement in the practice helps you naturally move towards focused introspection. You can practice with Patrick on AloMoves. Patrick and Carling also share a YouTube channel.

Life in Commune is available on iTunes. You can also learn more about Patrick Beach on his website or on Instagram and his Seattle based studio Commune on Instagram. I highly recommend catching a PB class or workshop and for Dublin yogis you’re in for a treat, he’s back with a four day intensive workshop at The Yoga Hub this October!

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru

Favourite finds for June 19


BetterYou are an innovative natural health supplement brand who are pioneering the way in looking at how we absorb our nutritional supplements. They are currently concentrating on the vitamins and minerals that are becoming more depleted in our daily lives through lack of sunlight, poor quality soils in agriculture, and an increases in digestive issues. Traditional capsule method relies on good conditions of your gut for absorption. BetterYou use clinically proven optimal absorption directly onto the skin and through oral sprays.

I first encountered BetterYou when I started using their Magnesium spray to restore tired muscles after strong yoga practices. Soon after they brought out their Magnesium Flakes which started my obsession with long recuperative soaks in the bath! Magnesium is important for calcium absorption, repairing soft tissue, speeding recovery time from muscle injuries and most importantly helping you get a good night sleep.

I also use a range of their nutritional oral sprays which delivers micro-sized droplets directly into the bloodstream through the soft vein dense tissue of the mouth for optimal and rapid absorption. I’ve used their Turmeric spray for its anti inflammatory benefits; the Iron spray to support me if I’m feeling tired; and more recently I have the whole family on a daily sprays of the Vegan Health to make sure we’re ticking all the vit D, B12, iron and iodine boxes.

BetterYou provides a range of nutritional supplements available in The Hopsack, The Health Store and all good health shops. You can also learn more about their products and order direct from their full range of products from their website.

The philosophy of yoga is fascinating, vast but sometimes hard to get your head around. In Living the Sutras authors Kelly DiNardo and Amy Pearce-Hayden aim to make these important ancient texts more accessible by looking at the sutras through modern eyes and helping you understand how to apply them to your life. The Yoga Sutras are the core of yoga philosophy written by guru Patanjali over two thousand years ago. They are made up of 196 proverbs that give suggestions on how to incorporate the concepts of yoga into your everyday lives on and off the mat. It is a fantastic entry point to understanding how to move towards yoga as a way of living. The two authors have also recently launched a podcast to support the concepts in the book called Living It. They talk to internationally renowned yogis about the realities of living your yoga practice.

Living the Sutras is available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon in and all good online bookshops. They also have a podcast to support the concept of the book called Living it available on iTunes.

Happy Magazine is an innovative support website, and more recently a printed magazine, for people affected by cancer in Ireland. It offers daily content to support cancer patients through beauty, chemo advice, food, health and wellbeing, book and gift recommendations home workshouts and so much more. I am incredibly honoured and proud to be one of the contributors to the online and published magazine, bringing the many benefits of yoga through simple home practice sequences.

Created by graphic designer, mum of one, and cancer survivor Holly Kennedy. When Holly was going through treatment she was amazed to find that there was nothing out there that gave practical advice and support for the ‘whole’ person. Something that understood the experience she were going through and to answer all those questions that didn’t fall into the remit of the medical system. Holly took the brave step in setting up exactly what was missing, and building an online support magazine to help people cope with this difficult time and offer positivity, inspiration, tips, motivation and encouragement to find happy again.

And as if all those achievements weren’t impressive enough – Holly has just recently been awarded Best Start Up Business runner up in the Young Entrepreneur Awards! A very worthy win. Visit Holly’s inspirational website and browse her back catalogue of articles. Sign up for her newsletter and get daily positivity straight to your inbox. You can find out more about where you can pick up a copy of the published magazine from the website.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru

Favourite finds for May 19


The Handmade Soap Company’s mission is to share their passion ‘To bring pure, heartfelt joy to your everyday, so even the small things feel precious’. They started with a love of natural ingredients and a big pot in their kitchen. Their products are made from coconut, vegetables, and scented with essential oils. No nasties, no parabens, no products are tested on animals, and their packaging is both beautiful and sustainably sourced.

I’ve bought The Handmade Soap Company products as gifts many time. Their company ethos of ‘straight from nature’ appeals to my ambition to keep life simple and natural. I spend ages testing and smelling their divine samples in the shops, but I have never bought them for myself. I finally found myself at the receiving end of a gift when I got a lovely surprise delivery of goodies from Holly Kennedy creator of Happy Magazine.

My favourites are the calming and relaxing Lemongrass & Cedarwood range and the uplifting and soothing Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint. Like every good essential oil blend they include top notes, middle notes and base notes to their ranges which they highlight on their website for the essential oil fans out there.

The Handmade Soap Company are widely available, you’ll find them in Avoca, Kilkenny Shop and all good gift shops. You can also shop their full range of soaps, creams and diffusers direct from from their website, they also ship internationally.

The Irish Balance Podcast is hosted by Dr Ciara Kelly, an Irish medical doctor and health & wellness blogger. She is currently following her passion to help people understand how lifestyle affects their health by completing her Masters in Public Health & Nutrition. Wellness is about all the choices we make and the impact these choices have on our overall health. Ciara’s mission, through her podcast, blog and social media, is to simplify the methods for finding wellness and explore what balance is to each individual. Her message is clear and consistent across all her platforms, with a realistic, balanced and non extreme approach to sustainable wellness. It is a refreshing break from the often mixed messages we receive when it comes to health and diet advice. I would recommend you start with the most recent episodes of the podcast and happily work your way back to the start. She has an incredible bank of knowledge in all areas of wellness, no matter what your interpretation of a happy and healthy life is there will be plenty for you to tap into and learn with this podcast.

The Irish Balance Podcast is available on iTunes and Podbean. You can also follow Ciara inspirational content on her website or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Purpose Foods cropped up in my Instagram feed one day and as a previous packaging designer I was intrigued by their brave white minimalist packaging. Reading further, what struck me as different from other snack bars was their focus on prebiotic fibre to feed the good bacteria in our guts and promote healthy digestion. I am a big fan of fibre and feel its importance has been overshadowed by the protein obsession for years. Their three high fibre, vegan, energy & protein bars are – ‘Brekkie on the go’ packed with vitamins and minerals; ‘Post gym fix’ high in plant based protein; and ‘Crave kicker’ fibre rich craving cruncher. But don’t let their names limit you, they work for me at anytime of the day!

The ingredient list on most energy bars can be a minefield of unidentifiable substances. Purpose Foods ingredients are all natural and carefully selected with a ‘nothing to hide’ policy. Each bar has a small list of around six ingredients, chosen for a specific purpose and health benefit. You can read more about how they select their ingredient on their website.

I ordered a starter pack of mixed of the three flavours which arrived in a matter of days. You can order them direct from their website. As of yet I haven’t spotted them in the local health stores but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. They also have a blog which will be worth keeping an eye on but currently as they are a young company is just starting.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru

Favourite finds for March 19


When I first discovered Yogamatters I was like a kid in a candy shop! Back then, and even now to some degree, yoga product were very hard find. With Yogamatters you will find something for all your yoga needs, on and off the mat, all under one virtual roof. They don’t stop at mats, props and clothes. They stock everything you could possibly think of that goes with being a happy yogi – from meditation accessories, candles, creams, soaps and even teas. They also have a vast collection of yoga books to help you progress along your journey – covering subjects from yoga styles, anatomy and philosophy, to meditation, healthy eating, journals and 108 Asana yoga sequencing cards!

Their knowledge and genuine love of what they do is obvious by the care they take to source suitable products. Each chosen for their quality and unique contribution to their customers yoga experience. As a company they have a strong focus on working with suppliers with strong ethical credentials and sustainability.

Yogamatters make finding your way onto your mat each day easy and pleasurable. Go to their website to browse and shop there extensive 2,500 products. You can also follow them on Instagram to keep keep an eye out for new products and sign up for their newsletter to catch all blog articles, highlighted products and seasonal themes. Complete yogi bliss!

Fearne Cotton is no stranger to us! I only recently stumbled across her podcast and I’m absolutely loving it. Built on the success of her bestseller book ‘Happy’ Fearne interviews a wide variety of guests to delve into what happiness means to them and what we can learn from others to ‘help you unlock your inner happiness’.

Through her guests we also find comfort in shared experiences – good and bad. She is an absolute pleasure to listen to with her guests and always put a spring in my step while I’m out on my Podcast binge morning walks.

The Happy Place Podcast is available on iTunes, Podbean and Acast.

Pukka has been one of my kitchen staples for many years. Inspired by the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda they help us to simply incorporate these principles into our everyday lives – all this while we happily sip on a delicious cup of Pukka tea! Their mission is to ‘harness the incredible power of nature’ by sharing their passion for the wonders of the health and wellbeing properties of herbs. Each herb has its own unique story and this is as important to them as the end products. They source from the very best growers who have a deep understanding of the journey of the herbs, from seed, to soil, to plant. Sustainability is top of their agenda and through their ‘crop to cup’ data they strive to continue to reduce their carbon footprint.

Over the years I’ve probably tried every Pukka tea and a wide range of their herbal supplement and have loved them all. My favourite teas are Cleanse for an extra glow; Relax in the face of after school mayhem; and Revitalise to replenish my stores after a class. Recently I’m enjoying popping one of their teabags into our morning porridge, as it putter away on the hob, while I settle on my mat for my early morning practice.

I’ve used their Wholistic Turmeric to boost my immune system; the Aloe Vera Juice for gut health; the Elderberry Syrup at the first sign of a spluttery kiddie cough; the Triphala to support me while doing a cleanse; and their Wholistic Ashwagandha when I’m feeling a bit frazzled by life. I’ve also become completely addicted, in a good way, to their new latte range. My favourite being the Ginger Joy. As a non caffeine drinker it’s my morning treat with steaming frothy oat milk.

Lucky for us Pukka Herbs are widely available, you’ll find them in The Hopsack, The Health Store, Nourish, all good health shops and most supermarkets too. You can also shop their full range of teas, supplements and lattes, direct from from their website. Like every good wellness brand they have a wealth of knowledge that they impart to us through their blog articles, well worth a browse.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru

Favourite finds for February 19

WellFest is Ireland’s largest yearly health and wellness festival, running on 11-12th of May ‘19. Which coordinates perfectly with the sun gathering momentum for the Summertime and energy levels on the rise. The festival hosts over 150 national and international health and wellness experts. The line up is always incredibly impressive and the choice is unparalleled. No matter what your prefered interpretation of what wellness means to you they’ve got you covered – from Main stage presenters to WellFit, WellFood, Wellmind, WellYoga, to name but a few. If like me yoga is your passion this festival is a must – with back to back classes all weekend with Ireland’s top yogis and visiting internationally acclaimed yogis.

There is no limit and no extra charge to any of the activities and talks all weekend. Top tips from a seasoned WellFest goer – print out the line up and mark up your schedule for the two days. The only complaint you might have is there was so much you wanted to do you could have done it all again!

As one of the WellFest award winning online publications writers I have the absolute pleasure of teaching at the festival again this year. You’ll catch me at the WellYoga stage. Check out the detailed schedule closer to the day to find my slot and come say hello.

Tickets sell fast for this one, go to their website to avoid disappointment! A weekend ticket is €79 and a single day ticket for €49. Sign up for the Wellfest Blog to get some inspirational articles on all things wellness straight to your inbox, or follow them on Instagram to stay up to date on the festival lineup and ticket sales.

Adding to their amazing accomplishments, Deliciously Ella has stepped into the world of Podcasting to share their wealth of knowledge, and experience, in all things food and health related. Deliciously Ella is the brainchild of Ella and Matt Mills – husband and wife team. Ella started a food blog in 2012 to journal her path to wellness from an autoimmune disease through eating good whole foods. The growing realisation that the key to good health is in nature brought her on an incredible journey to where she is today with a team working under the name originally started as this humble food blog ‘Deliciously Ella’. They have written four plant based cookbooks, built recipe aps, opened London based delis, launched a variety of widely available food product ranges, and now a Podcast!

The podcast eloquently tackle some tricky subjects – like climate change, veganism and diet myths – in an easy to access conversations. One of my favourite episodes is ‘Why we care’ where they very honestly discuss why they do what they do, and what drives their passion to share their plant based journey. The weekly podcast also hosts guests from the world of health, nutrition and business to share their expert wisdom and offer a wider perspective to their listeners.

Their passion and honesty is completely contagious. Everything they turn their hand to rings true to their core message to eat real food and share the joys and benefits of plant based living for each individual and the planet we all live in.

The Delicioulsy Ella Podcast is available on iTunes, Podbean and Acast.

This is an Organic vegan superfood brand I have watch grow since 2011, from three pals passionate to share their journey and all they’d learnt about positive health, to a widely available growing range of over 60 products. Originally Ireland’s Raw Kitchen they did what every good entrepreneur does – absolutely everything themselves! – from filling bags to fulfilling orders. In 2014 they redesigned their branding, changed their name and Nua Naturals was born!

The range spans pretty much every superfood I’ve come across, with the addition of berries, seeds, lattes, smoothie boosters and vegan friendly protein powders. Their philosophy is to help their customer ‘make small changes that make big differences to their lasting health for a happy and balanced life’. They also have recipe and a blog on their website which is well worth a browse for tips of how to get the most out of the products and articles on a range of topics such as immune system support, best superfood to add to your diet and skin health.

Nua Naturals are available in The Hopsack, The Health Store and all good health shops. You can also order direct from their full range of products, browse their recipes and read their healthy tips for life blog from their website.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru