Bloggers community with Vicky Shilling


Setting up Yogaru has opened up lots of new avenues for me. It has given me the incentive to ask questions, continue learning and keep sharing. We all have so much to learn from each other and blogging is the perfect platform to make a difference and build a community. You’ve heard of the saying ‘we all have a book in us’, a modern interpretation of that would have to be ‘we all have a blog in us’! What is your essence that you can share? Health Blogger Community have kindly asked me to share a little bit about Yogaru at their next HBCxMeet. Vicky Shilling, writer and recipe developer behind healthy eating blog The Flourishing Pantry, tells us all about who Health Bloggers Community are and how they can help you get started.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what’s your background, what do you do now and how did you get involved with Health Bloggers Community?
For the last 10 years I worked in the classical music industry, organising international tours for orchestras. But in the last 12 months I moved from London to Dublin and am now working for myself doing a mix of event planning, content creation and consulting.

I got involved with the Health Bloggers Community after discovering them online, attending their events in London and being lucky enough to be nominated for, and go on to win, Best Free From Blogger 2017 at the HBC/That Protein Awards. When I moved to Dublin I really missed the get-togethers, and suggested to HBC founder Fab Giovanetti that I have a go at running HBC events in Dublin.

My first event was in November 2017 and I haven’t looked back! It’s been a fantastic way to grow a community and bring together bloggers and brands in Ireland and give something back. I now also act as editor for the HBC Magazine, an online resource stacked with tips and tricks for influencers as well as articles on trends, recipe collections and features from our lovely community.

What is Health Bloggers community and how can it benefit someone who wants to set up a health blog or who has an established blog?
The Health Bloggers Community is a platform for bloggers to share, learn and collaborate with other bloggers & brands. We are a hub for influencers in the food, health and fitness industries and we have an Academy, an online magazine and organise worldwide meet ups, official events and brand partnerships.

For anyone wanting to set up a new health blog the HBC is a great place to start. The Academy offers a free 14 day kick-starter to get you up and running with ideas and tools, and you can join our free Facebook group to share your content and get advice from our community of over 500 members.

For budding or established bloggers HBC events are the perfect way to meet other bloggers and discover new brands who you could collaborate with. In Dublin I’m running a range of events from our classic HBCxMeet format bringing together 40-50 bloggers with 7-8 brands, HBC Photography Workshops and HBCxTalk. If you are a blogger and have an idea for an event you’d like to see please let me know.

What different areas of support do Health Bloggers Community offer?
The HBC tries to cover all areas that bloggers might need support. Using a combination of the Facebook group, the Academy and the HBC Magazine we share articles, answer questions and run online tutorials. We cover topics like using Pinterest to grow your blog traffic, identifying health and wellness trends, giving you content ideas, key dates for your diary, run workshops on photography skills, blog planning or negotiation, figure out the Instagram shadow ban or teach you how to move your blog from hobby to income generator.

We’ve helped bloggers with anything from finding the perfect photographer for new headshots to how to handle a fine for using copyrighted photos. We have a big network and can usually answer your questions, point you to resources or put you in touch with someone that can help.

How does the brand collaboration work?
The HBC isn’t an agency so we’re not in the business of hooking up bloggers and brands. We’re more about tooling up both sides of that equation to work best together and get the most from one another. We do occasionally work with brands to help them with a particular campaign or PR event, where we can lend our experience and bring our community in.

Where do we find out more about Health Bloggers Community and keep upto date with their upcoming events?
Everything you need is on our website. We’re on @hbloggerscom across all social channels where we share our content and events.

To find out when you can next hang out with us in person the best bookmark to have is our events page which is constantly updated with forthcoming events.

I would also recommend that bloggers join our Facebook group to get the best from the community and also follow our Facebook page where you’ll see the latest HBC Magazine articles and events come up.

Any top tips and resources you’d like to add to the Yogaru favourite list?
Recipe websites: I absolutely adore Niki Websters Rebel Recipes – she’s just redesigned her website so it’s even more beautiful and easy to navigate to look through her lovely recipes.
Cook books: One Part Plant by Jessica Murnane – I see that you’ve got Jessica’s podcast on your list already which I am obsessed with!
Mindfulness book: The Four Agreements, A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz – I recently read this and absolutely love the simplicity of the messages it gives for a way to approach life.

If you’re interested in sharing your wisdom and starting a health blog, or have an established blog, join us for the next HBCxMeet on Saturday 31st March, The Dean Hotel, Harcourt Street, 1:00pm - 4:00pm.


Vicky is the writer behind The Flourishing Pantry, a blog and recipe collection for people in search of a healthier way to nourish themselves. In an online world that has become increasingly shouty about what to eat, Vicky searches for the answers to great gut health, whilst developing healthy and nutritious meals inspired by her discoveries online. She’s not an expert - she's just like you, trying to make sense of it all and eat well for life. The Flourishing Pantry, was awarded Best Free From & Illness Recovery blog in the Health Blogger Awards 2017.