Favourite find for July 19


I first encountered Rachel and Brian’s ice cream Nobó, which is a clever play on the Irish language (nobó = no cow!), at Marley Park market. I was very taken by their passion and innovation for what they were lovingly creating. As a plantie with plantie ice cream loving kiddies I always kept an eye on where they were popping up and what new products they were launching on Instagram.

I love that their products are so pure with very few ingredients and yet they work! Simplicity is much harder to master, but master it they do. Their award winning ice cream comes in six different flavours. Our family favourites being Vanilla & Coconut and Chocolate & toasted almond. Ice cream can be quite scientific, not enough fat content and it will crystalize, too much fat content and it loses it smooth softness. It took them two years of experimenting before they came up with their basic magic formula. The base of all their flavours is avocado and coconut which gives them a creamy result without dominating the flavour combinations. And as if that wasn’t enough they are also refined sugar free – using honey for a more natural source of sweetness. They also have more recently added a range of five plant based chocolates to their range. Theses disk shaped chocolate bars are reminiscent of what a giant chocolate button would have felt like in your hand as a kiddie – heaven!

Next time you’re treating yourself to some ice cream pick up a nobó and treat yourself to no added nasties too! Nobó is luckily becoming widely available in The Hopsack, The Health Store, Avoca, Centre, Fresh, Nourish and many more! Check out their full stockist list on their website. You can also learn more about their products and order the chocolate direct from their website and follow them on Instagram for updates and new product launches.

Teaching Yoga is one of my favourite yoga books that I keep coming back to. It was the first book I bought after I finished my 200hr teacher training and I not only read it cover to cover but I studied it in depth. It made the transition to teaching those first few nervous classes much easier to navigate as a new teacher.

It gives you a well rounded and very accessible understanding of a wide range of teaching topics such as asana breakdowns, anatomy, yoga history, yoga philosophy, styles of yoga and breathing techniques. It breaks the asana down into families and introduces each section with information about what to look out for and the anatomy of each family. It also gives alignment cues, tips for creating the right environment for your class, and good etiquette to embed into your teaching methods.

It’s a book I would love to see on more teacher training curriculums. If you are about to embark on a teacher training and it is not part of your book list I would recommend you pick it up and get reading. Teaching Yoga is available from Yogamatters, Amazon and all good online bookshops. Mark Stephens has also written other yoga books that I would highly recommend. Two of which are part of my book collection – Yoga Sequencing and Yoga Therapy.

Life in Commune is the podcast baby of soon to be parents Patrick Beach and Carling Harps. Co-owners of Seattle yoga studio Commune they originally had a podcast called The Breathing Club which concentrated on reviewing yoga books. This new podcast shares their insights into the world of yoga and explores inside takes on the Yoga & Wellness industry, resources for yoga teachers and practitioners, mindfulness and beyond (fantastic Game of Throne episode!).

Patrick Beach is no stranger to Dublin. He headlines the WellYoga tent at Wellfest last year with his fluid vinyasa style called Awakening Yoga. What I love about his creative styleof yoga is how it focusing on building strength as well a fluidity and functional movement. The organic fluidity of the movement in the practice helps you naturally move towards focused introspection. You can practice with Patrick on AloMoves. Patrick and Carling also share a YouTube channel.

Life in Commune is available on iTunes. You can also learn more about Patrick Beach on his website or on Instagram and his Seattle based studio Commune on Instagram. I highly recommend catching a PB class or workshop and for Dublin yogis you’re in for a treat, he’s back with a four day intensive workshop at The Yoga Hub this October!

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru

Favourite finds for January 19


As a designer I am naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing objects in all facets of my life. I have an appreciation of the time that goes into creating a beautiful object, and when it is functional too I get very excited! Arran Street handmade homeware is both. They refer to themselves as ‘architects in clay’ which is a genius explanation of their style of crafting.

Their designs are an admirable balance between simplicity and rustic with a nod to Irish heritage. They are hand-thrown which makes each piece unique in it’s own little way, and yet still has uniformity that clean lines and simple structure require. Each piece is stamped with a signature ‘A’, inspired by the old-Irish A on the Arran Street East street sign. The palette of earthy colours is inspired by the ,location of the studio, tucked away beside Dublin’s Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market. Soft hues of fruit and vegetables like pink grapefruit, lemon, pomegranate, cabbage, potato, and parsnip. The care and craftsmanship of each piece is obvious to the touch. They are an incredibly tactile objects with a lovely hearty weight. You can feel the story in every textural line.

You can visit their studio and shop on Little Green Street, grab a coffee in their little coffee shop, and see where the magic happens. They also run workshops to share their knowledge and teach you the craft of throwing.

When at home I drink from only one cup and eat from one plate, or one bowl. It adds to the mindful experience of being present while eating – savouring the taste and enjoying the company at mealtimes. Even if I’m the only one who has my own special handmade delph! Arran Street is available from a growing retail list of stockist and online stockists. They also have an online shop where you can buy direct from the studio.

Headspace is probably the best known meditation App with the largest library of guided meditations to support you through every eventuality in life. There are thousands of studies that have shown mindfulness meditation can positively impact mental and physical health. Headspace is committed to researching the science behind this ancient practice to understand its far reaching benefits.

I had been meditating for a while before I started using Headspace, but felt I needed a bit of extra guidance and wanted to learn a bit more about different meditation techniques, like noting and visualisation. It is fast becoming the most daily used App on my iPhone. I meditate every morning with Headspace, picking either an individual guided meditation or a themed course. Along with the daily meditations I use it to support specific need like ‘Presentations’ before a meeting or ‘Transforming Anger’ if I’ve blow a fuse with the kiddies and need some ‘headspace’. I’ve even used the ‘Losing your Temper’ meditation on the kids – getting them to sit quietly, listen to the meditation and take a minute after for contemplation. It’s a fantastic parenting tool!

Meditation may not change life events but it does help change your reaction to life events. It helps you stay present and not get caught up in the ‘what ifs’ wheel. The benefits of the practice are far greater than the value of the small amount of time required for your daily practice.

Headspace are currently running a 40% off for a whole year of meditation. Simply go to their website and subscribe. I started with this deal last January and loved it so much I’ve just resubscribed for another year. You can also sign up for a free trial which gives you a few sample meditations.

Dublin yogis you’re in for a treat! This new boutique studio is a little gem. Created by award winning yoga teacher and public speaker Sinead Mooney (aka Moons). The care and attention to every little experiential detail that has gone into this beautiful little space is both obvious and subtle too. The heating system is a negative ion system which both warms you up from the inside and counteracts the overload of positive charge we pick up from overuse of everyday electrical devices. This beautiful intimate, bright and warm studio is full of love, kindness and happy vibes. Moons radiates the love of the practice and her passion to create a space where her students can experience and own this powerful practice for their unique lives. ‘To not only survive... but to thrive.’

There is a full schedule of classes to choose from, including Slow Flow, Yin, Yoga Fundamentals, Prenatal and weekend workshops. You’ll find me there every Thursday morning for my 9:15am class. Booking in advance is recommended.

To find out more about Moons Yoga Loft and to book classes check out the website. Classes can be booked direct online from MINDBODY or on your mobile by downloading the Mindbody App from the App store.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru