Favourite finds for April 18


I’m a big fan of The Hopsack in Rathmines, Dublin. Not only is it our biggest health store, but they have an endless wealth of knowledge and huge experience in the field of all things wellness. There’s isn’t a question they can’t answer. Whenever I pop in I usually have an embarrassing long list of questions, from recommendations, to product usage, and they never fail to have an answer. They are incredibly proactive and are a dab hand at spotting a confused customer. They’re also completely on the ball with staying up to date with the ever changing trends in wellness and nutrition.

Hopsack homage aside I was very excited to spot owner Finn Murray and fellow yoga teacher Lydia Sasse, have recently started a new podcast which brings me to my first Favourite Finds for April. I listen to podcasts everyday on my early morning walks. There is some amazing podcasts that I follow but none of them Irish. When it comes to health some of it translates internationally, but when you’re looking to source locally, and get recommendations, this podcast is a very welcome addition. That said, it has plenty to offer no matter where you are living. They have a wealth of knowledge between them and an amazing ability to share so much wisdom in a conversational fashion. They record the podcasts out in different locations in nature to inspire their conversations – birdies singing in the background included. I look forward to listening to lots more captivating topics from this pair and highly recommend you subscribe to their podcast.

The podcast is available on iTunes and YouTube

This is a book I’ve anticipated since the first time I encountered Dominic many, many years ago. He is one of those rare genuinely kind people who wants to help you find a happy and healthy life within your abilities. He is unbelievably well read, and more importantly, knows how to translate this knowledge into his innovative method. Grainne is an inspirational role model. Her ‘fundamentals of wellness’ completely reflect how I strive to live too. Her wisdom on wellness is boundless. She offers many expert tips that I look forward to reading over several times and incorporating into my routine. Her recipes are easy to follow, have simple ingredients and have a ‘eat real food’ philosophy.

Dominic and Grainne start by introducing their three pillars in exercise – mobility, strength and conditioning. I love their refreshing views on the importance of mobility, which is often forgotten in training. Similarly in yoga ‘strength’ is the forgotten element. For any activity to be beneficial for longevity there has to be equal strength and stretch. They believe in a balanced approach to fitness – working hard on the days where you’re full of beans, and doing less on days where you’re tired. In my twenties I trained too hard and rewired my brain to ignore pain triggers, which inevitably left my nursing many injuries. Listening to your body, and being kind to yourself, is something that has taken a long time for me to rebuild and is the cornerstone of their method of training.

I wish them all the best with their well awaited book, 20 years in the making. I recommend you pop out and secure yourself a copy soon. It’s climbing up the top 10 books chart and is selling out fast!

These two London based lads, Ian and Henry, are geniuses! They champion the ‘eat more plants’ movement with completely fresh eyes. Not only do they make it look simple, having tried a few of their Instagram recipes, it actually is simple! The recipes are easy to follow and their grasp of flipping plant based eating on its head is spectacular. The first recipe I tried was their very clever ‘Giant Hummus Mezze Traybake’ – where you sandwich tons of fabulous baked veg between wraps and bake it again. It was another level of tasty! I first encountered BOSH on Instagram. They’ve pioneered a new method of simplifying video recipeing, that leaves you drooling over your phone, and is fast becoming a very popular recipe method on Instagram. Wholefood plant based eating is in the middle of an exciting revolution and these guys, and our very own Happy Pear fellas, are leading the way. I can’t wait to get my hands on their cookbook and neither can my kiddies!

They have a huge following on Instagram and YouTube and have their first cookbook coming out on 19th April.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru