Favourite finds for June 18

I love everything these two creative beings produce – from podcasts to cookbooks and life journey memoires. I first heard of Rich Roll through The Happy Pear. Rich Roll is an Ultra Marathon runner and his wife Julie Piatt is a spiritual leader and entrepreneur. They are testament to the benefits of leading a whole food, plant based diet. I was already eating mainly plant based when I first encountered them, but I didn’t yet have enough information to feel it was the right choice for the rest of my family. Their first cookbook ‘The Plantpower Way’ gives lots of delicious and surprisingly simple plant based recipes, along with incredibly significant and decisive information about the health benefits of going plant based for any age, the impact agriculture has on the environment, and how easy it is for each and every one of us to make a difference.

Their new book is inspired by their yearly retreats they run in Italy and Julie’s love of Italian food. Browsing through this beautiful book will tickle your taste buds and finally give you the answers to how to make vegan versions of your favourite Italian foods, melty cheese and all!

The Rich Roll Podcast is available on iTunes and The Plantpower Way Italia is available online on Amazon.

I practice the two extreme disciplines for my feet – yoga and running. They relish in times when I roll out my mat, lift and spread my toes, and pay them lots of attention to them in my yoga practice. Then they get a bit of a shock when I wedge them into over cushioned, latest technology runner, and pound the pavement on my morning runs. Leaving them feeling confused, and on more than one occasion, laid up with an injury. Vivobarefoots principle is to reconnect people with their feet and nature. Taking inspiration from indigenous tribes they invented a shoe that gives minimum interference between the soles of the feet and the sensorial experience of the surface we tread on. Our feet were designed to be muscular and supple, and feed proprioceptive signals to the brain to allow the body to move accordingly. Shoes are often over cushioned and narrow fitting which weakens the muscles of our feet and displaces the natural bone structure.

When you first experience wearing your Vivos, you immediately notice you walk with such awareness of ‘walking’ – your stride will change, and your movements will become more fluid as you adjust to finding the support of the reawakened muscles. Walking become a lesson in being in your body and in the present moment. I highly recommend giving this new way of moving a go.

The shoes are available to buy online at Vivobarefoot.

I absolutely love these wellness oils. They are created by yoga teacher Sinead Duffy out of such genuine care, extensive research, and deep belief in the many benefits of essential oils. The oils are 100% natural, vegan and handmade in Ireland. I couldn’t decide which of the body oils I loved most so I bought all three, and use them everyday depending on what mood takes me. I use Muscle Soothe after my yoga practice or a morning run to restore tired muscles; Relax after a long soak in an Epsom bath to bring a bit of calm to my day; and Detox in the mornings to wake me up and get the circulation going.

I also incorporate the three rollerballs into the start or the end of my yoga classes to bring Grounding, Balance or Salute (energy) – depending on the theme of my class. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in yoga and meditation practices to calm the nervous system, bring you into the present moment, and deepen the mind, body and spirit connection,.

The oils are available in The Hopsack, Avoca, Nourish and online at Yogandha.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru