Favourite finds for June 19


BetterYou are an innovative natural health supplement brand who are pioneering the way in looking at how we absorb our nutritional supplements. They are currently concentrating on the vitamins and minerals that are becoming more depleted in our daily lives through lack of sunlight, poor quality soils in agriculture, and an increases in digestive issues. Traditional capsule method relies on good conditions of your gut for absorption. BetterYou use clinically proven optimal absorption directly onto the skin and through oral sprays.

I first encountered BetterYou when I started using their Magnesium spray to restore tired muscles after strong yoga practices. Soon after they brought out their Magnesium Flakes which started my obsession with long recuperative soaks in the bath! Magnesium is important for calcium absorption, repairing soft tissue, speeding recovery time from muscle injuries and most importantly helping you get a good night sleep.

I also use a range of their nutritional oral sprays which delivers micro-sized droplets directly into the bloodstream through the soft vein dense tissue of the mouth for optimal and rapid absorption. I’ve used their Turmeric spray for its anti inflammatory benefits; the Iron spray to support me if I’m feeling tired; and more recently I have the whole family on a daily sprays of the Vegan Health to make sure we’re ticking all the vit D, B12, iron and iodine boxes.

BetterYou provides a range of nutritional supplements available in The Hopsack, The Health Store and all good health shops. You can also learn more about their products and order direct from their full range of products from their website.

The philosophy of yoga is fascinating, vast but sometimes hard to get your head around. In Living the Sutras authors Kelly DiNardo and Amy Pearce-Hayden aim to make these important ancient texts more accessible by looking at the sutras through modern eyes and helping you understand how to apply them to your life. The Yoga Sutras are the core of yoga philosophy written by guru Patanjali over two thousand years ago. They are made up of 196 proverbs that give suggestions on how to incorporate the concepts of yoga into your everyday lives on and off the mat. It is a fantastic entry point to understanding how to move towards yoga as a way of living. The two authors have also recently launched a podcast to support the concepts in the book called Living It. They talk to internationally renowned yogis about the realities of living your yoga practice.

Living the Sutras is available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon in and all good online bookshops. They also have a podcast to support the concept of the book called Living it available on iTunes.

Happy Magazine is an innovative support website, and more recently a printed magazine, for people affected by cancer in Ireland. It offers daily content to support cancer patients through beauty, chemo advice, food, health and wellbeing, book and gift recommendations home workshouts and so much more. I am incredibly honoured and proud to be one of the contributors to the online and published magazine, bringing the many benefits of yoga through simple home practice sequences.

Created by graphic designer, mum of one, and cancer survivor Holly Kennedy. When Holly was going through treatment she was amazed to find that there was nothing out there that gave practical advice and support for the ‘whole’ person. Something that understood the experience she were going through and to answer all those questions that didn’t fall into the remit of the medical system. Holly took the brave step in setting up exactly what was missing, and building an online support magazine to help people cope with this difficult time and offer positivity, inspiration, tips, motivation and encouragement to find happy again.

And as if all those achievements weren’t impressive enough – Holly has just recently been awarded Best Start Up Business runner up in the Young Entrepreneur Awards! A very worthy win. Visit Holly’s inspirational website and browse her back catalogue of articles. Sign up for her newsletter and get daily positivity straight to your inbox. You can find out more about where you can pick up a copy of the published magazine from the website.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru