Abundant Buddha bowl

What is a Buddha Bowl? I noticed the name popping up in a few of the food blogs I follow and tried it out at my dinner table. It sounded more appetising than ‘mishy mashy’, which was the previous name we used, they took to it like a fish to water and even started to suggest some Buddha Bowl combinations to try out. A ‘Buddha Bowl’, also known as a ‘Glory Bowl’, is a bowl full of goodness, the kind of meal that leaves you feeling both satisfied and virtuous! It is built with a variety of flavours and textures that tick the box for plant + protein + fat. The bowl combines grains, lots of lovely different veg, a protein boost, a twist of texture and a drizzle of dressing to bring it all together. In our house we eat a predominantly plant-based diet, but it would be just as delicious with an addition of some salmon, chicken or whatever your preference for protein is.

As with my morning porridge routine, I loved browsing through all my cookbooks to find recipes, but I wanted the freedom to play around with some combinations myself. So I designed my ‘Buddha Bowl Builder’. By following the 6 steps you ensure that you don’t forget to add the little twists, textures and dressings, that make it more tantalising to the taste buds and packed with goodness. Remember to eat all the colours of the rainbow when choosing veg for your bowl. It will cover a wider variety of nutrition, and make your bowl look like a work of art. We eat with all our senses: sight; smell; sound; texture and taste. It will add to your satisfaction if you have taken a minute to make your bowl appeal to your visual sense before it even hits your tastebuds. Mindful eating uses the journey of the food - from field to bowl and through the five senses, slowing down the experience so that you are present to every mouthful!

There are endless options for your Buddha Bowl. Click on the 'Buddha Bowl Builder' above, print it out and invent a few of your own combinations. Remember to take a note of the recipe creations that are a taste explosion worth repeating. Keep exploring new combinations beyond the recipe builder and search the aisles of your supermarkets and Asian markets for interesting ingredients to try.


Ruth Delahunty Yogaru