Smoothies, anytime

Smoothies are a great way to jam pack lots of vitamins, minerals and added health benefits into one meal. I use them for breakfast or for a lunch on the go. It’s important to remember that they are very filling and supply you enough energy to keep you going till your next meal, so a smoothie should be used as a substitute to a meal not an accompaniment.

I like to stick with smoothies, made in a blender, rather than juices, made in a juicer. Smoothies use the ‘whole fruit’ including all the fibre. Fibre swells in your stomach which makes you feel fuller for longer, and helps with weight management. This allow your gut time to absorb all the nutrition from your smoothie. So you could say it keeps everything moving at the correct speed for maximum absorption and optimal waste disposal! Juices absorb into your bloodstream too fast and lead to a surge in blood sugar. The body wants the ‘whole food’ to reap all the natural benefits. Fibre is also a prebiotic and feeds all the good microbiome in your gut.

When building your smoothie make sure to use a ratio of 2 veg to 1 fruit (eg 2 handfuls of veg to 1 handful of fruit) or even more veg if you want to gradually reduce your sweet palate. Although fruit supplies lots of health benefits, sugar is sugar and consuming too much all at once will flood your system with more sugar than it can process.

Try to scan your chosen ingredients to ensure you’re getting a wide variety of colours. Vary your smoothie flavours throughout the week. Experiment with adding lots of herbs and spices. They are natural and more affordable superfoods.

Click on my ‘Smoothie Builder’ above, print it out and keep it close to your smoothie blender. Stock your freezer with lots of ingredients to have at hand for a quick smoothie on the go.

Ruth Delahunty Yogaru