Sunshine salad bowls

The sun finally arrived last week and marking the start of salad season in our house. To celebrate the sunshine, the farmers' markets and vegetable aisles of the supermarkets are overflowing with juicy, vibrant and interesting fruit and veg, a welcome change from wintery, earthy root veg. This sudden change of season has inspired me to design my Salad Bowl Builder - based on the principles of the Buddha Bowl Builder. It's very easy to get stuck in a salad rut, always sticking to the same recipes everyday. Eating the same thing every day will make anything taste bland by the end of the week! There are so many different combinations of tasty salads that you can throw together. Having the Salad Builder at hand will remind you of the endless variety of veg you can use, keeping it fresh with every meal, and providing an abundant variety of nutrition throughout the week. 

When building the salad bowls you can either stick to raw veg, or have a mix of raw and roasted or steamed. Make sure to cool your cooked veg, or the heat will wilt your lovely fresh salad veg. Roast your veg in the morning, or the night before, and have them ready to pop into your salad just before the dressing.

Dressings can change a salad from a simple bowl of pretty veg into a taste explosion, bringing all the flavours and textures together. To save time I usually make a jar of salad dressing at the start of the week. I also try to have a jar of pesto or hummus to add to salad bowls. My gang love an interesting dollop of something that they can choose to dip things into, or mix it all up together into a salad-y mush!

Adding a handful of nuts, seeds and other 'twists', is something you can easily forget to do in the anticipation of tucking into your lovely salad bowl, but it's definitely worth doing. It adds an extra layer of flavour, and a crunch of texture.

For a speedy and tasty throw-together salad bowl, click on the 'Salad Bowl Builder' above, print it out and keep it in your culinary headquarters. Buy some veg that you'd never consider trying and see how it works in a salad. Think outside the box and get creative. I never though thought of making spaghetti out of courgettes or rice out of cauliflower, until I tried it and found it was amazingly delicious!


Ruth Delahunty Yogaru