Christmas Sun Salutation


Christmas can be a hectic time of year. It can be hard to find a moment to take time for yourself. Sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes to breathe and slow down. The Surya Namaskara/Sun Salutations has an array of movements that strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups. The repetition of the sequence can be very calming. With each movement linked to an in-breath or out-breath, it encourages a slow and calm breath. Why not try the above sequence for 10 minutes on Christmas morning, or throughout the festive period, to give you space to take on all that comes with this busy time of year.

The above sequence can be repeated as your full practise, or as a warm up for further asana. For the first few sequences start with your knees softly bent in the forward folds, to allow the hamstrings to warm up. Each full Surya Namaskara/Sun Salutations C consists of two rounds of the above sequence. In the first round you step your right leg back from your first forward fold, and step it forward from your second downward facing dog. In your second round you step your left foot back and forward. 

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Ruth Delahunty Yogaru