Yoga is a continuous learning journey. There are so many ways to immerse yourself in this journey and keep learning every day. The purpose of this website is to share some of this information and build a resource for the variety of interests we have in common.


Like many others, I took time out from my career to bring up my family. It gave me the chance to take stock and I embarked on Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Room, Dublin. The course was inspirational, taught in a genuinely nourishing and supportive environment, and it gave me a thirst to find out more and ask questions. 

When I completing the training I wanted to integrate everything I’d learnt. Yoga is so much more than just your asana practice. It is a part of your life and how you choose to live it. I created this website to help me, and others, to make sense of this, whether through an alignment tip to try out in your next practice, a book recommendation or a recipe for flapjacks. There will also be guest Yogaru writers to offer you a wider range of topics and expertise.

Yogaru has also given me the opportunity to combine my career as a designer with my love of yoga. After my training I designed a pack of asana cards to help me build my home practice and class sequences. There are two different ways to build your sequence – simply pick a selection of asana using the Levels guide to suit your level of experience or pick a Peak pose you would like to work towards and use the anatomy coding system to build your sequence. The 108 sequencing cards – with alignment cues, levels guide, anatomy coding, sample sequences and user guide – are available to buy in my 108 Asana Shop. All 108 poses are available to browse in the Asana section, and lots of my tried and tested class sequences are free to download from the Sequences section.

You'll also find more articles from Yogaru on the award winning Wellfest blog. WellFest is Ireland’s largest health, fitness and wellness festival. As one of the Wellfest contributors I had the pleasure of teaching at this years Wellfest '18 and will be teaching at Wellfest ‘19 on 11-12th May. The festival is run once a year in May, with additional wellness pop ups throughout the year, so keep an eye out on their website to join in.

I teach regular public classes at Moons Yoga Loft, Blackrock. A gorgeous new boutique studio with a big heart. I teach theme based classes which change with our ever shifting life requirements. My mission is to demystify yoga and give as much as I can to help you evolve in your practice. You will find most sequences and class theme article you have practiced with me in the ‘Sequences’ section. Get curious, own your practice, and learn more about how exactly you got that ‘feel good factor’.

My philosophy in life is to keep chipping away at each day and to see each morning as a new challenge. I follow what makes me feel balanced and keep looking for ways to nourish my interests. In a society that is overcrowded and over busy, I also try to remember to pause every now and again and take a deep breath.

I hope you find a little something here that resonates with you and you pop back to visit us soon. Along with my guest writers we’ll be working on keeping it fresh so that there will be something new and interesting for you to read with each visit. If you'd like to keep up to date with new posts, sign up for the Yogaru Newsletter or click on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook links below.


Ruth Delahunty Yogaru



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