Energy bursts

Spring is the season of anticipation, with glimmers of the life and activity vibrating all around us. We have become so evolved that we sometimes forget that we’re part of nature – and like all nature we too are affected by the change in season. You might find at this time of year your energy levels go from extremes with the changing weather. We turn in on ourselves in the winter times and the body naturally looks for forward bends, hip openers and warming twists in our practice. When the days start to get brighter, backbends and heart opening asana reawaken the energy levels and boost the circulation.

Backbends energise and open the body up after the winter months of curling in to protect ourselves from the cold. They also stimulate the digestive system; stretch and expand the lungs and help relieve chronic pain. The depth of our breath can be challenged over the winter months, with head colds and chest infections, and needs to be consciously stretched and opened again to get the health benefits of good breath. This is a great time to incorporate Pranayama breath work at the start or the end of your practice. Or if Pranayama isn’t part of your practice, pay particular attention to your breath as you work through this backbending sequence. Click this link to get a full list of backbends.

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Ruth Delahunty Yogaru